Mainstream School Transport – September 2017 Secondary School New Intake - Year 7

"From the information we have been given from the Vale of Glamorgan admissions department, we have assessed the eligibility for transport for all pupils entering Year 7 in September 2017. All entitled children will be sent a bus pass to their home address by the end of the summer holidays. 


If you would like to check that we have the correct details for your child (especially if you have moved in the last 6 months), and to confirm their allocation of a seat on school transport then please contact


Non entitled children

Purchase a bus pass on a mainstream school transport service

Those pupils who do not qualify for free school transport but wish to purchase a spare seat on a contracted school bus can complete an application from 24th July 2017 (forms will be available on the Council website).  They are treated on a first come first served basis.  However, as we have to allocate Post 16 pupils who may not decide to re-attend school/college until after results day in late August, we cannot allocate any purchasers until the third week of September, at the earliest.


Fare paying Services

Details regarding fare paying services can be found on the School Transport web page.  From September 2017 the daily rate is £1 single/£2 return or £300 per annum/£100 per term.


All matters relating to school transport can be found on council web page


If you have any questions, or would like clarification of any matter relating to school transport, please do not hesitate to contact us.




Passenger Transport Team

The Vale of Glamorgan Council

The Alps


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